Advanced Art

Welcome to my Advanced Art classroom page.  Here you will find explanation of assignments, due dates and point values for the Advanced Art class during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Monday 11/4/2019
Sketchbook 4

Students will choose a Design prompt for the inspiration for their 4th sketchbook assignment.  Students may work in whatever medium or size best fits their vision.

Sketchbook due Monday, December 2nd.  50 points. 

Monday 10/21/2019
Musical Still Life

In this lesson, the students will be constructing a still life using a variety of musical instruments.  Student will create a piece in the medium of their choice, but will have to sectionalize their work out into colored and black/white sections.  Students should pay particular attention to their use of composition and a focal point.  Students should also ensure that they create a full range of values in both color and black and white. 

Planning sketch, 25 points.  Due 10/24.

50% check, 50 Points.  Due 10/31

Completed work, 100 points.  Due 11/13

Monday 10/14/2019
Class critique

To start off this quarter the  students will be holding a formal critique of their last song illustration.  Students will present their artwork and play the song that the art is based on for the class.  Students will explain the content of their artwork, and which elements and principles of design they focused on in the creation of this artwork.


Participation:  50 points. 

Tuesday 10/1/2019
Sketcbook 3

Students will work off of their choice of Design Prompts for the 3rd sketchbook Assignment.  Students can use any medium and size that fits their vision.

Sketchbook Due Monday, November 4th.  50 points.

Monday 9/9/2019
Song Illustration 2

In this lesson, the students will be combinging the illustative styles of the last two lessons into an music illustration based upon the song of their choice.  Students will plan, revise and create a work based on their song in the medium and size of their choice.  Students must focus up the use of 2 elements/principles of design of their choice in this assignment.

Planning Sketch:  25 points, Due 9/11.

50% check, 50 points.  Due 9/20

Completed Project, 100 points.  Due 10/1

Monday 9/2/2019
Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook 2

Students will create a work of art on their own time based upon the Advanced Art Design Prompt (see Advanced Art Info page) in the size and medium of their choice.  Sketchbook due 9/30.  


50 Points. 

Monday 8/19/2019
Abstract Painting

In this lesson, the students will be continuing their exploration of Music as Inspiration for visual arts.  The students will learn about the Abstract Artist Wassily Kandinsky and the processes that he went through to create abstrct works of art based on musical composition.s  We will focus specifically upon how Kandinsky used Line, Shape and color to create his compositions.

The students will then spend a couple of days listening to different musical compositions and will make quick plans (or improvisations as Kandinsky would call them) where the students will try to capture the music visually.

Finally, the students will choose a musical composition of their choice to create an abstract oil painting based off of.


Planning Sketch, 25 points.  Due 8/23/19

50% Check, 50 Points.  Due 8/30

Final Painting, 100 points.  Due 9/6

Thursday 8/8/2019
Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook #1

Students will choose 1 design prompt from the Design Prompts List (see Advanced Art info page) to choose to create their sketchbook assignment from.  Completed Sketchbook project is due 9/7.  50 points

Friday 8/2/2019
Song Lyrics illustration

In this lesson, the students will be working as a class to illustrate the song "Zebra" by the musical group The John Butler Trio.  This song focuses upon the idea of identity and personal choice.  Each student will choose (at random) one line of the song, and they will have to create a self portrait based around this line of the song.  Students will be required to submit a planning sketch/sourc pictures, will have the freedom choose the medium to work in, and will have to choose a specific color scheme that they will use in their illustraiton.

Planning Sketch, 25 points.  Due 8/5

Completed portrait, 100 points.  Due 8/14