Advanced Art

Welcome to my Advanced Art classroom page.  Here you will find explanation of assignments, due dates and point values for the Advanced Art class during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Monday 9/17/2018
Block printing

In this lesson, the students will be learing about the art of block printing.  Students will learn about the various tools and techniques that can be used to create a successful block print in a safe manner.  The students will create a design based upon their response to the prompt of "My Favorite......".  The design that the students create should use Contrast, Pattern and Line.

Planning Sketch, 25 points.  Due 9/19

Completed Carved Block, Due 9/26

Completed Print, Due 10/3

Monday 9/17/2018
Sketchbook 7

Sketchbook 7

Fold a piece of Origami, and then create a drawing of it from observation.  Turn in botht he origami and the drawing.

50 points, due 9/24

Tuesday 9/11/2018
Sketchbook 6

Sketchbook 6

Create an image of something you would associate with the United States of America

50 points, due 9/18/18


Tuesday 9/4/2018
Sketchbook 5

Sketchbook 5

Create an image that shows something that is innocent.

50 points, due 9/11

Tuesday 9/4/2018
Song critiques

For this week, the students will be presenting the artwork that they made for the song illustration project.  Students will have to address the following points in their presentation:

Why did you choose the song?

What were you trying to communicate in your artwork?

How did you use the elements and principles of design to communicate these concepts/ideas/emotions?

Tuesday 8/28/2018
Sketchbook 4

Sketchbook 4

Create an image of a building where something is made

50 points, Due 9/4

Monday 8/20/2018
Illustration of a Song

In this lesson, students will be creating an illustration of a song of their choice.  Students will have the freedom to choose the medium and size of the art they create.  Students may create their illustration in the following ways, A).  Choose one specific lyric from the song and illustrate that, B).  Illustrate the overall message in the song, C) Illustrate their reaction to the song.

Students should also use 3 of the following elements/principles of design:  Line, Shape, Color, Pattern, Texture, Form, Value, Space, Emphasis, Contrast, Balance

Planning Sketch, 25 points, Due 8/22

50% Check, 50 Points, Due 8/29

Finished Piece, 100 points, Due 9/5

Monday 8/20/2018
Sketchbook 3

Sketchbook 3

Create a detailed drawing of an animal that does not exist.

50 Points, due 8/28/18


Monday 8/13/2018
Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook #2

Create an image of a dream that you have had (sleeping dream?  Life dream?  Day dream?).

50 Points, due Monday, August 20th. 

Thursday 8/2/2018
Expressive paper cutting

In this lesson, the students will be learning about two different styles of art.  First, they will study the abstract expressionist work of Vassilly Kandinsky, and the work that he created inspried by music.  Next, students will learn about the history of papercutting, spanning from Ancient China to Victorian German styles.

Students will then make a variety of colored grounds to music using a variety of materials.  The students will then be required to plan, revise and create an original papercutting design that will be placed over the top of their colored ground.  Students should create a design that emphasises the use of contrast.

Planning Sketch:  25 points, Due 8/9/18

50% check:  50 Points, due 8/15/18

Finished Piece, 100 points.  Due 8/17/18

Thursday 8/2/2018
Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook #1

Students will create an image illustrating something that they would like the Advanced art class to know about them.

50 points, Due 8/13/19