Advanced Art

Welcome to my Advanced Art classroom page.  Here you will find explanation of assignments, due dates and point values for the Advanced Art class during the 2016-2017 school year. 

Monday 5/21/2018
Final project critique

For the final week of class, the students will be participating in a final critique of the body of work they created for their mini concentraiton.  Students will present their work to the class, answering the following questions:

1.  What is the concept behind their concentration?

2.  How did they create visual and conceptual unity throughout all of the pieces.


Completed mini concentration:  600 points. 

Friday 5/4/2018
Final Sketcbook assignments

It is the last few weeks of the semester!  There will be no more offical sketchbook assignments for the year.  As extra credit, students may choose three prompts to draw from.  Each completed drawing will earn a maxiumum of 20 points extra credit. All extra credit drawings are due by 5/18.

Friday 4/27/2018
Sketchbook 12

Sketchbook 12

Make up a creature/animal, and create a medical diagram of it's anatomy.

50 points, Due 5/3

Friday 4/20/2018
Sketch book 11

Sketchbook #11, 

Draw something you would associate with the USA.

50 points, due 4/27

Friday 4/13/2018
Final Unit Concentration

In the final unit of the year, Advanced Art students will be preparing for next years AP Art class by creating a body of work that shows both visual and conceptual unity.  Students have the freadom to work in any artistic medium of their choice, and can address any topic that interests them.

Concentration  #1

Sketch, 25 points.  Due 4/13.  50% check, 50 points, Due 4/18, Concentration #1, 100 Points, Due 4/27.

Concentration #2

Sketch, 25 points, due 4/27.  50% check, 50 points, due 5/3.  Concentration #2, 100 points, due 5/8.

Concentration #3

Sketch, 25 points, due 5/8.  50% check, 50 points, due 5/15.  Concentration #3, 100 points, due 5/21.

Monday 3/19/2018
Life Drawing Continued

In this lesson, the students will be making a finished work of art based upon the life drawing studies that they worked on before spring break.  Students may work int he medium of their choice.  They must base the artwork off of one of the model studies, they must use the element of Form in their design, plus one other element or principle of design of their choice.

Planning sketch:  25 points, Due Wednesday, March 21st.

50% check:  50 points, Due Wednesday, March 28th

Finished artwork:  100 points, Due Wednesday, April 4th.

Monday 3/19/2018
Sketchbook 10

Sketchbook #10

Create an image that shows the last thing a fly sees before it dies.

50 points, Due Monday, March 26th.

Monday 3/5/2018
Life Drawing Unit

In the last unit of the quarter, the students will be practicing drawing the human figure from life.  Students will learn a variety of sketching techniques, including getsure drawing, contour drawing, blind countour drawing and value drawing.  On Thursday and Friday of this week, their will be live models in class.  Students will have 2 class periods to complete 1 life drawing in the medium of their choice. 

Life drawing sketch, 100 points.  Due 3/9/17

Monday 2/19/2018
Sketchbook 9

Sketchbook 9

Draw an animal of your choice dressed up for a formal occasion.  50 ponts.  Due 3/5

Monday 2/12/2018
Sketchbook 8

Sketchbook 8

Draw a cork screw and a cork.  50 points, Due 2/19

Tuesday 2/6/2018
Sketch book 7

Sketchbook 7

Draw a clear glass with some liquid in it that is not water.  50 Points.  Due 2/12

Friday 2/2/2018
Sketchbook 6

Sketchbook 6

Draw somebody who lived (lives) in Atlantis.

50 Points.  Due 2/8/18.

Friday 1/26/2018
AZ Merit Research

In this lesson, the students will be conducting their practice activity to help prepare them for the AZmerit test in writing.  Students will do a reasearch project on the artist of their choice.  Students should record a variety of information about their chosen artist, including the following:  Time that they worked, medium that they worked, significance of the artist in art history, style that they work in, who were their contemporaries, and what makes their artwork unique.  Students will have to provide 3 examples of the artists work, and will have to justify the artists use of elements and principles of design, and explain how these chosen works are a good example of the artists style.

Once the initial research is completed, students will then create an original work of art that is influenced by the style of the artist they researched.  Students ARE NOT expected to copy the work of the artist.  Students should continue to work in their own style, but should allow their work to be influenced by their chosen artist.

Once the students have completed their artwork, they will finish up their writing project by reflecting on how successful they were in emmulating the work of their chosen artist.  Students will have to discuss their own use of the elements and principles of design, how working in this style effected the students processes, and whether or not the student felt they were successful.

Research Portion of Essay, 50 points.  Due 2/5/18

Project plan, 25 points.  Due 2/7/18

Project 50% check, 50 Points, Due 2/14/18

Project complete, 100 points.  Due 2/21/18

Final paper, 100 points.  Due 2/ 26/18


Friday 1/26/2018
Sketchbook 5

Sketchbook 5

Draw an object that you would associate with a specific decade from the 1900's.  

50 points.  Due 2/2/18

Friday 1/19/2018
Sketchbook 3

Sketchbook #3

Create an image of a clear glass that is holding any liquid other than water.

50 points, Due Friday, January 26th. 

Tuesday 1/16/2018
Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook #2

Create an image of something broken.  50 points, Due Friday, January 19th.

Monday 1/8/2018
Art Nouveau Project

In this lesson, the students will be creating an original work of art based upon the historical style of The Art Nouveau movement.  The students will learn about the historical relevance of Art Nouveau and how the Art Nouveau artists traditionally used the elements and principles of design in their artwork.  The students will then design, revise and create a work of art that is influenced by this style.

Planning, 25 points.  Due Wednesday, January 10th

50% check, 50 points.  Due Thursday, January 18th.

Completed artwork, 100 points.  Due Thursday, January 25th.

Monday 1/8/2018
Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook Assignment #1

Draw a detail of the flower of your choice. 50 points.  Due  Tuesday, January 16th.

Monday 12/11/2017
Midterm Project

In this lesson, the students will be creating a work of art using the mixed media of their choice.  Students must combine some sort of assemblage/collage with the drawing/painting technique of their choice.  Students will be required to create a work of art that focuses upon the use of 2 elements of design and 2 principles of design.

Finished project, 500 pts.  Due Thursday, December 21st


Friday 12/8/2017
SB 13

Sketchbook assignment 13

There are options for this assignment.

#1.  Draw an image of something that lives "underground".  50pts

#2.  Draw an image of Mr. Teague.  50 pts.

Double or Nothing

#3.  Draw an image of Mr. Teague if he lived "underground" .  100 pts.

Due Friday, December 15th.

Friday 12/1/2017
Sketchbook 12

Sketchbook #12

Draw a picture of any object exploding. 

50 points, Due 12/8.

Monday 11/20/2017
Metamorphosis Drawing

In this project, the students will be creating an image that shows metamorphosis.  Students can work in any medium/size of their choice.  Students should pay particular attention to creating an image that is unified in nature, and shows an even transition in their metamorphosis.

Planning sketch, 25 points.  Due 11/27

50% check, 50 Points.  Due 12/4

Final Drawing, 100 points.  Due 12/11

Thursday 11/9/2017
Sketchbook 11

Sketchbook 11

Create an Image that shows draped cloth.

50 points, Due 11/16

Monday 11/6/2017
Reductive charcoal drawing

In this lesson, the students will be using advanced charcoal drawing techniques to create a charcaol portrait.  Students will need to have an original (not lifted from the internet) photo to work from.  They will then use their erasure to lift the charcoal in order to create their drawing.

Students will be evaluated on the craftsmanship of their drawing, the proportions of their subject, and their use of a full range of values

Planning photo, 25 points, Due 11/8

Final Drawing, 100 Points.  Due 11/17

Thursday 11/2/2017
Sketchbook 10

Sketchbook #10

Create an image that shows a scene from a restuarant.  

Due 11/9.  50 Points

Friday 10/27/2017
Sketchbook 9

Sketchbook assignment #9

Create an image of Thunder and Lightening

Due Thursday, November 2nd.  50 points. 

Monday 10/23/2017
Sketchbook 8

Sketchbook assignment 8

Create an image of any object in motion.

50 points, Due 10/27

Monday 10/16/2017
Still Life 1

In this lesson, the students will be creating an image of a still life in the medium of their choice.  Students will have the option to either create their image based directly on the still life set up, or focus on one section of the still life and change it in some way.  Students will be evaluated on their ability to create a full range of values in the medium that they choose, their ability to create a clear focal point, and their ability to create unity throughout their composition.


Planning, 25 points.  Due 10/18

50% Check, 50 points.  Due 10/26

Final project, 100 points.  Due 11/3

Friday 9/15/2017
Sketchbook 7

Sketchbook 7

Draw an hourglass.  50 points, due Friday, September 22nd. 

Wednesday 9/13/2017
Oil painting introduction

In this unit, the students will be completeing their first project using Oil paints.  Students will create a painting of a detail of the human body.  Their image should be zoomed out enough that the viewer will be able to tell what part of the human body they are looking at, but zoomed in enough that they can't tell whose body is being depicted.  Students will learn the basics of oil painting, including how to use oils, turpenoids, underpainting, overpainting and how to mix skin tone.

Finished Painting, 100 points, Due Friday, September 22nd. 

Friday 9/8/2017
Sketchbook 6

Sketchbook #6

Draw a bowl full of nails.  50 points, due Friday september 15th.

Monday 9/4/2017
Illustration Critique

For the week of September 4th to September 12th, students will be participating in their first formal critique of their artwork as a class.  Students will play the song that they chose to base their song illustration off of, and will explain the rationale behind their decision making process.  Students will give constructive feedback on the content of their works of art, the effectiveness of the illustraiton, and the quality of their craftsmanship.

Participation grade.  50 points for the week.


Friday 9/1/2017
Sketchbook 5

Sketchbook #5

Draw your hand in an odd position.  50 points, due Friday September 8th

Friday 8/25/2017
Sketchbook 4

Sketchbook #4

Create an image of anything that is from the 1800's.  50 points, Due Friday, September 1st. 

Friday 8/18/2017
Sketchbook 3

Sketchbook #3

CReate an image of a piece from a game.  50 points, due Friday, August 25th.

Wednesday 8/16/2017
Song Illustration

In this lesson, the students will be expanding upon their use of the elements and principles of artistic design to convey the emotion and content of music.  The students will be given the task of illustrating the song of their choice, in whatever medium the students feel most comfortable working with.  The students should be sure to include the following  in their design:

Strong composition

Unity throughout their work

Color that conveys the emotionality of the music

Lines that convey the emotionaliyt of the music.


Sketch and source pictures for their work, 25 pts:  DueThursday, August 17th.

50% check, 50 points. Due Friday, August 25th.

Final Drawing, 100 pts. Dur Friday, September 1st. 

Friday 8/11/2017
Sketchbook 2

Sketchbook #2

Create an image of a humanoid sitting in a chair.  50 points, Due Friday, August 18th

Friday 8/4/2017
Line as expression

In this lesson, the students will be using line and rhythm in order to create a colored ground to work on.  Students will listen to a set of preselected music and will communicate the emotion/mood and rhythm of the music using nothing but line.  The students will then use this line work as a colored ground for a realistic style of drawing in the medium of their choice.


Finished Drawing, worth 100 pts.  Due Tuesday, August 17th

Thursday 8/3/2017
Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook assignment 1

Create an image of a creek in the woods.  50 points, due Friday August 11th.