Beginning Art

Welcome to my Beginning Art classroom page. Here you find lesson plans, powerpoint presentations and photographs of student work from the 2019-2020  school year.

Tuesday 10/1/2019
Shading and Value

The first quarter is closing out with students learning different shading techniques with their pencils.  Students will learn about the importance of creating a full range of values, and how to use their pencil to create even fades with gradient values, and even tones with flat values.

Homework:  Value Scale, 50 points.  Due 10/4

Monday 9/23/2019
Negative Space 2

The students will continue with their exploration of negative space by creating another still life drawing that is more detailed.  Students will focuse upon different ways to create visual contrast by filling their negative space in with zentangle style patterns.

Final Drawing:  100 points, due 10/1

Friday 9/13/2019
Negative Space

In this lesson, the students will be learning about the use of Negative Space in art.  Students will view different works of art to see how negative space is used to create a composition.  Students will also view a variety of work by the modern street artist Banksy to interpret how he uses negative space in his compostions.  Students will then work on a still life drawing using negative space.

Final Project, 100 points.  Due 9/20

Tuesday 9/3/2019
Hallway Drawing

In this lesson, the students will be building upon their understanding of 1 point perspective by doing an observational drawing of the hallway outside of the artroom.  Students should be sure to use a vanishing point and orothogonal lines to create the illusion of depth and space.

Final Drawing:  100 points, Due 9/10

Homework:  Drawing of a room in their house using 1 point perspective, 50 points.  due 9/10

Monday 8/26/2019
Linear Perspective

In this lesson, the students will be learning about Linear Perspective and the role it plays in Western Art History to depict the sense of depth and space.  Students will view a video accompanied by a short quiz that explains the history of Linear Perspective.  Students will then create a word drawing that utilizes both 1 point and 2 Point perspective.

Homework:  25 1 point perspective boxes with 25 two point Perspective Boxes.  50 Points, Due 8/30.

Competed Project:  100 points, Due 9/3. 

Tuesday 8/13/2019
Visual Space

In this lesson, the students will be learning about how to combing their use of a background, middle ground and foreground with other aspects space to create a pen and ink image with depth.  Students will learn about Placement, Proportion and Perspective and how they can be used to enhance the sense of visual space.

Students will be creating a pen and ink drawing focused on the subject of their choice (as long as the subject is organic and not man made).  Students will then draw a scene demonstrating their understanding of Placement and Proportion.

Homework:  Print out 3 images from the internet that demonstrates Placement, Proportion and Perspective and do a quick write on how these images are good examples of these elements of space.  25 points, Due 8/16.

Planning Sketch:  Draw their subject in their sketchbook using Placement and Proportion with overlapping.  25 Points, Due 8/16.

Finished Drawing:  100 Points, Due 8/23.

Monday 8/5/2019
Photo Montage

In this lesson, the students will be creating a photo montage that creates the illusion of space.  Students will view a PowerPoint presentation outlining the history of the Photo Montage and the differences between a Photo Montage and a Collage. Students will then create a Photo Montage that includes a background, middle ground and foreground with elements of overlapping.

Completed Montage:  100 Points, Due 8/12/19