Advanced Art Info

Advanced Art is a class for the students that wants to expand upon the artistic skills they have learned in Beginning and Intermediate art.  This class focuses upon getting the students prepared to take A.P. Art for college credit their senior year.  Students will work upon using the Elements and Principles of design in advanced artistic styles. 

This page is dedicated to communicating with parents and students concerning the projects that are currently being worked on, due dates for these projects, and any other information that is necessary for the students to be successful. 

Thursday 8/1/2019
Advanced Art Sketchbook Prompts

Every month, Advanced Art students will choose a sketchbook prompt to complete at home for homework. Students should pay particular attention to make sure the requirements for the  Elements and Principles of design are met for each prompt.

Attached is the list of prompts and the rubric that each sketchbook project will be graded by. 

Downloads: advanced design prompts.docx
Thursday 8/1/2019
Advanced Art Syllabus

Attached is the course syllabus and expectations for Advanced Art. 

Downloads: advanced art syllabus1.docx