AP Art Info

A.P. Art is for the most serious and dedicated Art students. This class is the equivalent of a college level course.  Throughout the year, the students will work to compile their A.P. Art portfolio to be submitted to the A.P. college board for review.  Upon recieving a qualifying score (3,4 or 5), the students will gain college credit for completing this class.

The A.P. art portfolio can be submitted in either the 2D design or Drawing category.  Each portfolio requires the students to submit 5 peices of work for the Quality category, 12 peices of work for the Breadth Category, and 12 images documenting their processes in the Concentration cagtegory.

The students will be focusing upon their Breadth and Quality submissions during the first semester of the  school year, and then their Concentration and Quality submissions during the second semester. 

Thursday 8/8/2019
AP Art Syllabus

Attached is the AP Art syllabus for the year.

Downloads: ap studio art syllabus_080819.pdf