AP Art

Welcome to my AP art classroom page.  On this page you will find assignment explanations, due dates, and important information pertaining to the submission of the AP portfolio. 

Monday 10/2/2017
Portfolio Check

During the final week of this quarter, students will be going through their first formal portfolio check for their breadth section of their portfolio.  Students should have 6 works of art compeleted at this point.  All works of art should be scanned/photographed so they are ready for digital submission.

The students will conduct a self evaluation of their portfolio.  This will be followed by a 1 on 1 conference with the teacher concerning the strength and direction of their portfolio at this point.

Portfolio Review, Due Friday, October 6th .  500 points. 

Monday 9/18/2017
Breadth 3

In this lesson, the students will be working on their 3rd work of art for their Breadth submission.  Students will  have free choice to choose the content and medium of this work.  Students should focus on specific elements and principles of design to focus on in this work of art.

Planning, 25 points.  Due Monday, September 18th.

50% check, 50 points.  Due Monday, September 25th.

Completed work, 100 points.  Due Monday, October 2nd. 

Monday 8/28/2017
Breadth 2

For this lesson, the students will be creating their second work of art that will be submitted for the breadth category.  Students will have the choice of prompt and medium in which they will be working on.  The work that they create should be focused  their use of the Elements and Principles of design outline in the prompt that they chose.

Planning Sketch, 25 points.  Due Tuesday, August 29th

50% check, 50 points.  Due Tuesday, September 5th

Completed Breadth #2:  100 points, Due Tuesday, September 12th. 

Wednesday 8/9/2017
Breadth 1

For the first lesson, the students willbe creating the first work of art that will be submitted for the Breadth category.  Students will have the choice of prompt and medium in  which they working on.  The work they create should rely upon the use of the Elements and Principles of Desgn outlined in the prompt.

Planning (Sketch, source pictures, explanation of elements and Principles), 25 pts.  Due Thursday, August 10th.

50% check, 50 points.  Students should be 50% complete with this image by Friday, August 18th.

Final image, 100 pts.  Due Friday, August 25th.  This includes photgraphing of the final image. 

Thursday 8/3/2017
First Week of AP

During the first few days of class, the students will be exposed to exactly what it means to be an AP student. The students will learn about the differences between the 2D and Drawing portfolios.  They will also learn about the Quality, Concentratin and Breadth categories of their portfolio.

Students will begin the process of choosing which AP portfolio they are going to submit on Monday, August 7th.