AP Art

Welcome to my AP art classroom page.  On this page you will find assignment explanations, due dates, and important information pertaining to the submission of the AP portfolio. 

Wednesday 10/2/2019
Slide Check

To finish off the quarter, students need to have digital slides made of the planning stages, processes and final works of art that they have made during the first quarter of the school year.  Slides should be photographed with a high quality camera, or scanned into the computer and edited using Photoshop.  

4 slides, 400 points.  Due 10/4

Monday 9/9/2019
Sustained Investigation #2

In this lesson, students will work on their second project fo rtheir sustained investigation.  Students may use their choice of medium and size for this project.  Students should ensure that the content and style of this project fists into their overarching plan for their sustained investigation.

Planning sketch and 1st draft drawing:  25 points each, Due 9/13

50% check, 50 points.  Due 9/25

Completed Project, 100 points.  Due 10/2

Monday 8/12/2019
Sustained Investigation #1

Students are working on their first work of art for their sustained investigation project.  Students have the choice of medium and size for all sustained investigation work.  Students should ensure that their artwork relates to their question of inquiry.

Planning sketch:  25 points, due 8/19

First draft drawing:  25 points, due 8/19

50%check, 50 points:  due 8/28

Completed project, 100 points:  Due 9/6


Monday 8/5/2019
Week 1

For the first week of AP Art, we will be reviewing the new portfolio requirments for the class.  Students will view a variety of portfolios from previous years, will begin formulating their Question of Inquiry for their sustained investigation, and will be making a planning portfolio to document their process for each work they make for their portfolio.

Question of Inquiry (1st draft), 25 points.  Due 8/12

Completed sketchbook, 25 points.  Due 8/12

Thursday 8/1/2019
AP Art Syllabus

Attached is the AP Art syllabus for the year.

Downloads: ap studio art syllabus (1).doc